The Rocky Horror Show | Review | 4th February 2019

The Rocky Horror Show, Milton Keynes Theatre

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 4th of February 2019, Evening performance


You will be doing the Time Warp over and over with this incredible rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! A must see for young, old and those who are not from this planet.

The Rocky Horror Show, created by the one and only Richard O’Brien follows the journey of simpletons Janet and Brad as they go on a journey to find help after their car breaks down in the middle of a storm. The stumble across a castle 2 miles away and they soon find out that they have walked into something far from normal. Will they get out or will they be lead onto another mysterious path?

As expected it was hilarious from beginning to end.  Not only have you got the fast-paced, hard rock songs and dance numbers that you will ultimately be tapping along to but you also have the interactive element from the audience which adds that extra kick to it that you don’t get from other shows.  It is one that you definitely need to be up for a good laugh than something more serious.

For me, what made the show was the attention to detail when it came to staging and casting. With a show like this casting can go either one way or another. I will say in all honesty they have hit the nail on the head this year with the 2019 tour! Every single person in the cast was unique and quirky and added to the whole atmosphere of the show. It was also a pleasure to see Kristian Lavercombe, who plays Riff Raff with the production for another year. His interpretation of Riff Raff is mind-bogglingly good and in some ways identical to the original Richard O’Brien.  Furthermore, The set worked in favour of the company entirely. Unlike some tours, it was not overcrowded yet not too simple that you had open space that you did nothing with. I specific part that the tour has kept is having the band above the stage rather than in the pit which is in clear view for everyone to see. This was a pleasure to see as we could fully appreciate the full-on rock and roll music performed by talented musicians that are normally stuck in a pit and not recognised fully.

I will say despite all this, the show is very much like marmite you will either love it or hate it. You should go expecting many of the audience members/fans dressed up in very little clothing, dancing and a lot of audience participation. If you find this distracting then I would try and go to a matinee performance as you are less likely to have these distractions. Although I will say it does add a comical flare to the show so I would recommend bitting the bullet, you never know you might be dancing too.

Come into the dark and mysterious world of Rocky Horror and you will be guaranteed to have a night you will never forget.

The Rocky Horror Show will play at Milton Keynes Theatre until 9th February before continuing on its UK tour.

Tickets can be purchased here –


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