Mischief Movie Night | Review | 13th January 2018


Mischief Movie Night, Arts Theatre London

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 13th January 2018, Evening Performance


The show is in your hands! What will it be Horror, Disney or a Musical? Mischief Theatre showing how Improv is truly done!

Mischief Movie Night is a show like no other in the way that the audience create the show. It is never the same and the story is always different. Will the show be a disaster or success? Who knows, but we do know that it could be extremely entertaining.

It is safe to say that Mischief Theatre, who are the masterminds behind ‘The play that goes wrong’, ‘Comedy about a bank robbery’ and much more have come up with another brilliantly comical show once again. You can clearly see in the true style of Mischief Theatre it is a show that you will be laughing from the start all the way through and even afterwards. I mean part of the warm exercise I had to shout at the person next to me…This didn’t go too well when I ended up nearly crying my eyes out in laughter.

The show that we had the pleasure of watching was ‘Gone with the Current’….yes, I am serious. It was a lovely Disney tale about a canal boat, of course with the traditional innuendos and musical songs to go along with it. I have to admit one of my favourite parts was Brian the silly bear, I can’t even explain how he came into it but trust me it just made the show for me.

Putting all this aside the true fact about this show is that it purely created by improv from the actors, which is mind-blowing how they can come up with some wonderful storylines. Furthermore, as an audience member, it meant that you could see the show multiple times and it would never be the same. This is what makes it so unique from anything else I have had the pleasure of seeing.


A must see, Mischief Movie Night. Hilariously confusing and manic, but exceptionally creative!

Mischief Movie Night will be playing at the Arts Theatre until 27th January 2018

Tickets can be purchased here – https://artstheatrewestend.co.uk/whats-on/mischief-movie-night/



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