La Soirée Live | Review | 1st December 2017


La Soirée Live, Aldwych Theatre London

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 1st December 2017, Evening Performance


Jaw-droppingly spectacular from start to finish with a kick of danger. The daredevils of La Soirée taking the West End by storm.

La Soirée is a cabaret show full of death-defying stunts, crazy acrobatic skills, puppetry and adult comedy. La Soirée is a platform that annually allows talent from various areas of the arts to showcase their skills in front of a live and relaxed audience.

The first thing I would say about La Soirée is that if you are wishing to see it as a family outing that the La Soirée petite would be more suitable. This is because it is family friendly for all ages compared to the normal performance which contains adult humour.

The actual content of La Soirée is incredibly varied, one minute you are watching a death-defying stunt then afterwards having a contrasting piece like a comedy slot. This works well as it gives you time to take in the complete package of the act before. I was often on the edge of my seat in complete awe at some of the acrobatic skills the performer’s display. These performers are the true stars of the show and go above and beyond when it comes to talent.

The nature of the show being in cabaret style means that it does have a comical feel through some slots which work well, but this can sometimes be very full on. At various points, the adult themes can create a somewhat uncomfortable feeling for an audience member. This is the only reason why the show for me did not hit the 5-star rating, but disregarding this completely, on talent alone with respect to the other acts, the show is a 5-star show.

For me, the one act that really stood out was Mallakhamb India! Performers Rajesh Amrale and Rajesh Mudki, proudly perform the ancient art of Mallakhamb with grace, perfection and strength. They were sensational to watch and truly talented as an art form.

A must see, La Soirée with its West End transfer to the Aldwych Theatre. A night of talent, artistry and wonder.

La Soirée will be playing at the Aldwych Theatre until 3rd February 2018

Tickets can be purchased here –

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