Son of A Preacher Man| Review| 18th November


Son of a Preacher Man, New Wimbledon Theatre London

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 18th November 2017, Evening Performance


A musical that is lacking with enthusiasm and energy as a whole with a questionable storyline.

Son of a Preacher Man follows the story of three different people going through turmoil and are currently looking for some type of advice to sort all their problems. They all somehow end up bumping into each other on the search for the preacher man who was known back in the day for giving out advice and even sparking love between people. Saldy, when they turn up only the son of the preacher man, is the only thing left. desperate for help they ask him to try and channel his dad and sort the problems.

I went into the show expecting an upbeat and fun performance with fantastic music that’s slick and well done. Sadly this was not the case in any respect, with actor-musicians trying to do many different roles the music lost its quality and crispness, along with this the tuning went as well meaning that it was sometimes painful to listen to especially with a flat flute. Furthermore, in various stages throughout the show, there are backing vocals with harmonies and sadly they were not executed well often being out of tune or not heard.

The actors themselves seemed to know what they were doing and looked like they were having fun at the start, but as it went on this dwindled so much so that in the final bows they looked like they would rather be elsewhere.

The only saving grace of this show was Diana Vickers, but even then although she can sing and act it did seem at the end her heart wasn’t in it as she bolted off stage and didn’t really smile. She has a fantastic voice and her acting is great, but I don’t think it is enough to save a production like this.

I would say that this show definitely needs to have some work done on it to make it somewhat better as well as some time off for the cast who seem to be getting incredibly tired and it is affecting the performance.

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