Cilla the Musical | Review |9th November 2017

Kara Lily Hayworth (Cilla) - Cilla The Musical - Liverpool Empire - Photo By Matt Martin (008)

Cilla the Musical, New Wimbledon Theatre London

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 9th November 2017, Evening Performance


A beautifully staged tribute to Cilla Black with an emotional storyline and jaw-dropping vocals.

Cilla the Musical is based on the story of star Cilla Black and how she came to fame. From a young age, there was always challenges for young Cilla, especially being brought up in Liverpool. We follow her journey as she makes her way from a young girl singing at home to singing at places like the London Palladium even with those challenges on the way.

The show itself was a fantastic tribute to the star Cilla, touching on not only the good but the bad elements of her journey to fame. The cast was able to bring an incredibly intimate and touching story to the stage with perfection and incredibly precise details. From start to finish the audience was completely engaged with the actors on stage, especially at the end when everyone in the auditorium was dancing completely embracing the atmosphere and vibes of the cast.  It was nice that the director has kept everything from small details to the more obvious ones true to the time and the culture of the area. This was done extremely well and it was clear a lot of thought had gone into it.

The only little fault was sometimes the onstage band did overpower the cast singing but this can be easily changed/ looked at.

The set worked very well being mainly fly-over in movement, creating a very open and simple stage to work with. Along with the set, I liked the involvement of having a live band on stage as sometimes we forget that there are performers who keep a show going, this was a credit to the musicians.

Kara Lily Hayworth who plays Cilla is a simply stunning performer to watch. Kara when on stage is completely in the zone of Cilla, characterising and channelling the classic star we knew. As well as this Kara’s vocal ability is mesmerising and truly powerful when paired with the classic songs throughout the show. Kara is a force to be reckoned with in the musical theatre industry.

Overall a truly fantastic tribute and insight into Cilla Black’s past, along with vocally perfect songs from the era. Perfect for any ages, but definitely one for the older generation as well.

Cilla the Musical will be at New Wimbledon Theatre until the 11th November 2017 before continuing on its UK tour.

Tickets can be purchased here –

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