Hair the Musical |Review| 12th October 2017

Shakinah McFarlane Hair cast 20170340_fullres

Credit Claire Bilyard.

Hair the Musical, The Vaults, London

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 12th October 2017, Evening Performance


A brightly coloured, intimate, psychedelic trip back to the hippie culture. A mind-blowing revival for the 50th anniversary of Hair and a credit to London Theatre.

Hair follows the story of a group of young hippies as they discover the world around them, forever changing. The two main males in the group face the challenge of being called to war and the choice to rebel and be free, or to do as they are told. But with the group behind them and the influence will this help them choose or will it make them rebel against the hippie life altogether.

The first thing you notice before you have even sat down in your seat is the fantastic work that has been put into the venue as a whole. The moment you walk into the theatre you are transformed into the colourful past with murals, wood bark on the floor and unique seating near the bar. This really adds to your overall experience and I think really helped get into the mood of the show as a whole.

The show itself made my jaw drop from the first song. The actors were loose, wild and free, making you become drawn to the way they interacted not just with each other but with us audience members. It was nice that they pushed the boundaries to not just be restricted to the stage but to use the area around them fully. I have to say I really like the use of props, especially in this show. They were simple yet effective, adding to the atmosphere but not overtaking the actor’s performance, I think this in theatre is more powerful and imaginative than having a vast amount of props.

The cast vocally is outstanding, each person blending in a group but also being able to break away from the chorus and hold there own in solos. It is clear that the cast is fully aware of each other, bouncing off and adapting to the setting or mood, but also the feel they want to portray to the audience. A specific part that stood out for me was in the songs that were lighter and more trance-like, the cast did not overpower each other and was clearly listening and adapting. I could not fault one part of the cast, each person is extremely talented and captivating.

The revival of this show is outstanding and most definitely the most intimate and unique show that I have had the pleasure to watch and also dance with the cast on the stage after with. An essential show to see when in the West End and I look forward to seeing the progress of it.

Hair will be playing at The Vaults, London until 13th January 2018

Tickets can be purchased here –

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