Interview with Stephanie Clift | Actress| Currently appearing in ‘The Wedding Singer’

Stephanie trained at Arts Education, London before going on to appear in various stage productions and also having various TV appearances.

Currently, Stephanie is appearing in ‘The Wedding Singer’ as Holly, we decided to talk to her about what it is like being part of the show and also what the touring life is like.

You can follow Stephanie on Twitter at: @StephClift

Spotlight for Stephanie:


1. How did you get into Theatre, Did you go to Drama School?

My mum took me to ballet classes aged 3 as I couldn’t keep still and I loved it. Stuck at it and expanded the genres of dance (tap, modern, jazz etc). Then began to compete in local dance competitions in Devon (where I’m originally from). By that point, I had got the bug and had fallen in love with the Arts. I discovered I could hold a tune aged 6 and would sing loudly wherever I went, sorry mum and dad. As I grew older the last discipline, acting, came along naturally. I entered speech and drama festivals and would compete doing verse and pros. All of this was fantastic practice of what was to come. The more you want to achieve and better yourself in something you have to do it lots, this enabled that. Acting to me is so important. There is no point in singing and dancing if you’re not interested in the ability to affect others (act). To me, that skill separates ‘good’ from ‘FANTASTIC’! Anyway, I digress, I auditioned at performing arts colleges aged 16 and was all set to go to Laine Theatre Arts, but something in me very strongly felt that going away that young just wasn’t right for me, I wasn’t ready. So I listened to that instinct and stayed in Devon for another 2 years, in that time I studied drama A level and BTEC in Musical Theatre and most importantly, did some more growing up. I also realised the college I most wanted to go to was Arts Educational Schools London, which you’re not allowed to audition for till you’re 18, so I trained super duper hard so that when my audition came around, I was ready. To my absolute delight, I GOT IN! Those were the best 3 years I could have wished for.  What a college, highly recommend. They shape you into your own little unique self and better your skills so you’re ready to conquer the beast when you leave.

2. You currently play Holly in The Wedding Singer Tour, Can you tell us a bit about her?

Holly is such fun to play, she’s bonkers. She is Julias cousin who loves to party. She has a dopey ex-boyfriend called Sammy who is still crazy in love with her and throughout the musical you watch their relationship rekindle, which is cute and entertaining. She a sexy minx whilst also having a heart of gold. She’s loveable.

3. Are there any challenges with this show that is different from others?

Vocally its quite challenging. There are some crazy high notes which took a while to sing in and get used to. But like anything, with repetition and practice, you get used to it and it gets easier. I also get to do some dancing with this part so it’s about learning how to control your breathing so you’re not panting like a dog whilst trying to sing and act at the same time. I essentially needed to get fitter, ha.

4. Do you like being part of a touring company as your last tour was with ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, Are there any downsides?

Being on tour is fun. You get to visit lots of different cities all over the country that you would never normally visit (some for good reason). It’s nice to be on the move, keeps it fresh. But the challenge is being away from home and all your home comforts, living out of a suitcase, running out of underwear and desperately searching for a way to do your washing so you smell nice. I find I miss my friends and family lots so extra effort is made to see all the ones you love, which is nice. Overall, while I’m young I don’t mind being on tour, it’s eventful.

5. If you have to use 3 words to describe the production to encourage people to come and see it what would you use?

Hilarious, Energetic, Colourful. (I’m terrible at this game, someone else would definitely have answered this better. haha )

6. Can you tell us what is your favourite part of the production? It can be a part you are in or not.

I LOVE the number ‘Wedding Day’. Every night, myself and the crew are prancing around like idiots backstage whilst Jon Belts out that TUNE, it’s impossible to stand still. Rather indulgently I do love performing my songs ‘Saturday Night in the City’ and ‘Right in front of your eyes’. I’m lucky that Holly has some awesome numbers.

7.Your in the last few weeks of the tour, are you sad to be leaving it?

Its always sad leaving a job that is such fun to perform, but I also get excited at the prospect of whats to come…. All being well, FINGERS CROSSED. This industry is hard, so you never know, but positive thinking 🙂

8. What advice would you give to younger people who want to go onto the stage?

Do as much as you can while you’re young and gain experience in interesting ways. Join Am Dram societies, be in the ensemble, just be apart of it. There you can learn, practice, discover if you have a real passion for it and PRACTISE. You can learn something from any experience you have, good and bad. So just get involved. Dream Big and DO IT!

9. Finally, fun question if you could be in any show both Broadway or West End what show would you be in?

Well last year I got to do my absolute DREAM part of ‘Audrey’ in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, which I still don’t feel finished with yet so I would snap up the opportunity to do that again in a heartbeat. I also love Charity in Sweet Charity. She would be great fun to play!! I understand neither of these shows are in the west end or on Broadway at the minute. But they’re my favs! 🙂


We would like to thank Stephanie for the time taken to answer our questions and give such fun and informative answers for our readers. We wish you the best on the rest of your tour.


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