Sh*t-faced Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing | Review | 12th August 2017


Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing, Leicester Square Theatre

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 12th of August 2017, Evening performance

★★★★★ (If I could add more I would!)

A production that makes you belly laugh right from the start with actors who are not afraid to do anything thrown their way (sometimes literally) – everything from hiding in audiences to an interrupting starfish in actor’s faces.

Sh*t- Faced Shakespeare is a one of a kind show that aims to give a very serious play such as ‘Romeo and Juliet’ or ‘Much ado about nothing’  a slight twist. In the cast of completely serious actors, each night one actor will be have to get completely ‘Sh*t-Faced’. This ultimately not only challenges the actors that are sober, but also the one who is, to see if they can produce a show and it not go horribly wrong. Can they do it?

Where do I even start! The moment the show started you knew that it was going to be a unique experience that ultimately you will end up rushing home to tell people about.  It was nice to see that as well as being able to watch the show you can also get involved with the use of a gong and a horn which can change how the show goes completely. I think this is a great idea as it gives us as an audience some freedom to change things if we want to see it get a little bit more crazy,  which doesn’t happen often. The actors themselves you can tell are a tight group of friends, having full trust in each other to know what is going on and how to keep the show rolling no matter what is said or changed. This is very much present on stage along with the massive amount of improvisational skill each actor individually has, often being able to add comical flare to balance out the madness going on.  I will admit my favourite part of the performance was Beatrice running through the audience to hide and also smacking someone in the face telling a joke about an interrupting starfish.

Another thing that is great about this show is the venue. The venue itself is small which as an audience member makes it intimate with the actors on stage and means we don’t lose focus. It also works to an advantage of the cast, with the audience having a key role in the performance it really does keep it contained and feeling more as a group than an individual at the theatre.

I don’t normally do this but I feel like I should list some of the crazy and hilariously fun things that happened in the performance I saw:

  • Hands of actors who were stuck in freeze frame were moved to some peculiar places!
  • Skirts came undone and started falling down meaning other cast members had to help try and hold them up while delivering lines
  • There was a fight at the wedding
  • The props were eaten
  • An actor kept fainting because of some words said
  • One actors pet name was ‘Sexy Beard’


A insanely talented cast of actors who break the rules of theatre to bring you a show that is never the same twice and will make you want to come back over and over again.

Sh*t-Faced Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing will be playing at the Leicester Square Theatre until the 16th September 2017

Tickets can be purchased here –

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