La Cage Aux Folles | Review | 10th August 2017

Le Cage Aux Folles, Milton Keynes Theatre

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 10th of August 2017, Matinee performance


A visually stunning musical, full of comedic highs supporting a moving story line of acceptance and love.

Le Cage Aux Folles is set in all male drag club in Paris and follows the life of the famous performer Zaza. Also known as Albin, together with her partner she spends her nights performing in Le Cage Aux Folles and the days being hopelessly in love. Suddenly their son announces he wants to marry his love Ann but doesn’t want Albin there and would rather have his birth mother present to make it look like what he deems is a “normal” family. Albin is heartbroken by this, can he find a way to be there with his son without being his over the top Zaza?

The production overall was phenomenal, not in one part did the production produce any fault that as an audience member I could see or hear. The presence of the actors on stage was captivating and kept your attention throughout, often catching eyes with you.  Along with this the vocals from everyone were flawless and made your jaw drop with the pure sound of them. The energy from the moment the cast stepped on stage was upbeat and fun, constantly having this energy throughout the show – showing us they are truly enjoying being on the stage and in their role.

I don’t normally comment much on the set but I feel like it would be a dis-service to not mention it. The set is beautiful with the old French style structures and staging and keept this theme fully during the show. I especially liked the staging for the club with the stairs that the girls stand on for the numbers they do. Alongside this the costumes have also had a lot of thought and work put into them being both visually effective for the people at the back of the circle but also the finer details for the people at the front of the stalls.

John Partridge who plays Albin, is not just vocally on point for the role but also is a fantastic presence on stage, taking us through the ups and downs of his character’s life. He truly embodies this character and even uses it to his advantage, getting the audience involved. He is fantastic performer and a pleasure to see on stage.

Le Cage Aux Folles is a production you cannot miss, a truly beautiful story with wonderful performers.

Le Cage Aux Folles will be at Milton Keynes until Saturday the 12th of August 2017 before embarking on its final 2 weeks.

Tickets can be purchased here –

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