Interview with Gareth Tempest |Actor | Currently in Comedy about a Bank Robbery

Gareth Tempest is an Actor currently appearing in the West End show ‘Comedy about a Bank Robbery’ created by Mischief Theatre . Gareth has also appeared in theatre such as Hamlet (UK Tour), Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (The Vaults) and A Comedy of Errors (UK Tour).

Gareth was also trained at the prestigious  The Bristol Old Vic Theatre.

Gareth kindly agreed to talk about his current role in Comedy about a Bank Robbery

You can follow Gareth on twitter at : @GarethTempest


How did you get into acting?

I got into acting from going and seeing a show that had a family friend in it when I was about 9 or 10. There was a kid in the show about the same age as me and I remember watching it and thinking ‘I could do that’. I ended up going to the youth society and that same kid turning out to be one of my best friends. Theatre was always part of my childhood and just by watching a show I knew that was what I wanted to do.

Did you take the traditional route through drama school or did you get an agency and just go and get it?

When I was younger I was quite shy so I didn’t go and find an agent for anything professional at that age, I stayed within my youth group. I then auditioned for drama schools and I got into Bristol Old Vic, I trained there for 3 years and that opened up many doors for me.

So your currently in Comedy about a Bank Robbery, which is a very different show. How would you explain the show?

It is mad, wonderfully mad. It’s about a bank robbery and it kind of follows several different story lines within it, its like monty python its very slap stick style of comedy. It is very different from ‘The play that goes wrong’ (also created by Mischief Theatre) as its more a straight play with a narrative with obviously comedy elements in it.

So within the show you do a lot of things that the audience do not expect, but does it get dangerous?

There is a lot of health and safety things to take into consideration. We have never been shy though of showing that we are having fun doing it because we all know that really it isn’t dangerous and that is what makes it okay for an audience to take in because they are comfortable knowing it is not. If something starts to look dangerous people will start to come out of the show and have fear and that’s not what the show is about.  Also, accidents do happen and that does happen, you could slip or if your body is in the wrong position you might get hit by something but that is why we must always be switched on because it’s in our hands as actors. This isn’t just onstage it is also backstage as the Criterion is quite small backstage so we have to always be switched on wherever we are.

Obviously you have done a lot of other theatre before this current job. What would you say your favourite job has been to date?

I think as a whole, my current job is my favourite because it is great being able to make people laugh. That is the most wonderful job in the world I think.  It’s not serious as well it’s silly and it’s full of fun which is nice.

Obviously you get quite a mixed range of people in, would you say it is a family friendly show?

Yes I would say it is very family friendly. As with all theatre there can be some bits that parents might be a bit cautious about but with the recent move back to the old script change I think it’s a great show for anyone.

What three words would you use to describe the show?

It’s Silly,  Fast Paced and Fun.

I want to say a massive thank you to Gareth who took the time to talk to us and answer many questions.

You can catch the show at the Criterion Theatre in London.

Tickets can be purchased here –


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