Evita | Review | 2nd August 2017

Emma Hatton as Eva Perón in Evita - Pamela Raith Photography (056)

Evita, The Phoenix Theatre London

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 2nd of August 2017, Evening performance


A truly emotional piece of theatre, a classic Andrew Lloyd Webber taking the West End by storm.  Absolutely breath-taking a must see while it is in London.

Evita is based on a true story of the people of Argentina and how Eva Peron came from nothing to one of the most loved people in Argentina. Eva wanted to be a star and we see how her journey from working in radio led her to her future husband Juan Peron. Eva soon uses her new-found status to create a change, addressing the lower classes and helping them to have more rights, better health care but more importantly someone to look up to. Eva after some time starts to become slower and you see her struggle doing the usual things making us wonder what is happening to the famous Eva Peron.

The show itself has been fantastically pieced together. The cast was full of energy and bounce, including in dance numbers, as well as vocally flawless. It was nice to see so much energy from the cast from start to finish, even the children on stage were eager eyed and knew what they were meant to be doing. The set was well thought out and used the space to it’s advantage. The stage was not over crowded which with this production can happen and I am glad to say it did not. The only thing I would bring up is the flag that gets lowered down does look like it has stains on it, whether this was because it was from the tour or has not been noticed it is clearly noticeable from the stalls.

The vocals of this show were very powerful especially when various parts are not being supported by the pit band, solo songs were also not outshone by the music which was nice to see. This was especially present with the solo of the little girl in the second act, her voice was very pure and the band accommodated this.

Emma Hatton who plays Eva Peron is a faultless performer with a truly powerful and moving voice, this goes alongside her acting which as an audience member you are drawn to the moment she steps on stage.

A truly mesmerising production, full of energy and passion – a must see production whilst in the West End.

Evita will be playing at The Phoenix Theatre for a limited run until the 14th October 2017.

Tickets can be purchased here – http://www.atgtickets.com/shows/evita/phoenix-theatre/


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