Interview with Caroline Deyga |Actress| Currently in Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

Caroline Deyga is an Actress currently in Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour playing at the Duke of York Theatre in the West End. Caroline was part of the graduate scheme at Dundee Rep which after completing her degree in 2013 she immediately went on to join. Caroline has recently also been a part of Telling the Truth Beautifully and Greenvoe.

Caroline was nominated for Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Caroline kindly agreed to talk about how she personally got into acting and about her current role as Chell.

You can follow Caroline on twitter at : @carolinedeyga



How did you break into the industry and ultimately in the production of Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour?

Well my journey was a really long one, I did acting as a hobby when I was a kid doing my first show when I was about 8 and I had kept this hobby for a long time. Also at my school it wasn’t an option as a subject, this meant I had to find opportunities in my local area to do things. I then left school and auditioned for drama schools but I didn’t get in anywhere and then Dundee college which was my local college offered a HNC in Acting and Performing so I applied for that but I didn’t get a place in that either but they offered me a NQ so I ended up doing 3 years in college. I then finished and ended up having some time out because I had gone straight from school into acting and I loved it but I think part of being an actor is having life experience and I had only ever been a student so I wanted to go and do other things. So I set myself up with a freelance drama teacher and I did that for 2 years and after that I wanted to go back and do it for me again because I get a different buzz from performing than teaching. So I applied for drama schools again and didn’t get in anywhere again but I then found a course at Queen Margaret and Napier University in Scotland and it was a top up degree to my 3 years of college. I completed that and was heading out of uni thinking what to do because I did straight acting and I had applied to do musical theatre as I had no singing training at all. I got offered a place on the MA but I had also been offered a place at Dundee Rep on a graduate scheme and they offer 2 graduates an ensemble contract for a year allowing you to do 6 shows a year letting you do a bit of everything which ultimately throws you out there into the industry. From that someone saw me in my last play there and also played at the Edinburgh fringe by pure chance the musical director of Our ladies saw me and he loved it so much and asked me and two other ladies to come down and do a workshop for Our Ladies. It was very surreal. I loved it from the moment I read it and I knew that I had to be involved in it somehow. From the workshop I got to the audition stage and here I am now !

So can you tell us a bit more about your character and how you identify with her?

Its funny because in the audition we were asked which character we related to most and the 6 of us that play the parts now chose those parts which is quite telling as Vikki saw us as those characters and also we connected with them as well which is really special thing for everyone to be able to see the characters in their own way and create it from scratch. I think I’m like Chell in lots of ways because she does try to be the life and soul of the party, she does come out with very random stories but they don’t make much sense but they make everyone laugh and I think that is why she tells them. On that particular day in the show it’s Chell’s main goal to make sure that sure the other girls get what they want before her own wants, she doesn’t really want anything but we soon see that all that bravado is actually hiding things, that Chell isn’t dealing with like the loss of her dad and this is what teenage girls are like. I think she just wants everyone to just laugh and have a good time and that’s her main goal. She cares about the girls a lot and wants what is best for the girls.

What is you favourite choir song you sing in the show?

I really like the enchanting song which is where they are all in a line and they start to get a little bit naughty and just mess around. We were told that we could mix it up and keep it fresh all the time so me and Frankie who play Kylah always challenge each other to who can do the most ridiculous move. I think I love it the most because it is the most fun to sing and also I genuinely don’t know what will happen with that one.

What is your favourite part of the show?

My favourite moment is in ‘Shine a little love’ and my favourite bit is the accapella bit in the middle. The reason why is that although we are always on stage with each other there is always so much going on that we don’t have a chance to all check in with each other and in that one part we do because we are all huddled together. It’s a moment that the girls share and its also for us as 6 actresses to do that as well which is important. It is very special every night.

What is it like being an all female cast?

It is like a massive family because if we are all honest there are some days were we could kill them! (not in a horrible way) but it is truly like having 5 sisters. Also we have been doing this for a long time and we can be tired but at the end of the day I don’t know what I would do without these girls. They are my family and they have been for 2 and half years because we have been through so much and events that happen have changed our lives. We will always have a special bond even when the show closes and I do love them.

So it is closing on the 2nd of September, how do you feel ?

We always knew that was going to be the ending date of the show when we first started. I think taking this show to the West End was always going to be a gamble to be honest because it is so different to anything else that is out there. So I totally understand that a limited run was the best option for the show because it might not have gone down as well as it has. It is a short burst of time that it has been in London but if it ran for a long period of time it could lose the impact it has so it was always right for it to have a shorter run. It makes it more precious to people. I do know that this show will go on and that other girls will be Chell and that’s amazing to think and use the monologues from characters like Orla in auditions. I know the show will live on.

Which of the Our Ladies cocktails is the nicest?

Well I have an admission to make I wasn’t well when the girls went and made them so I haven’t tried any of them. I haven’t even tried a ‘Chell’ yet ! But buy a ‘Chell’ anyway because everyone should buy a ‘Chell’ ! or anything with Iron bru !

(sorry for this weird one, did have a good giggle about it) So do you have salt or sugar on your porridge ?

I have never been asked that before, I love it. I am healthy I don’t have either. I just add raisins into mine!

Finally what 3 words would you use to describe Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour?

An Emotional Rollercoaster !


I want to say a massive thank you to Caroline who took the time to talk to us and answer many questions. Also to wish Caroline and the rest of the cast of Our Ladies a great last few weeks in London.

You can catch the show at the Duke of York Theatre until the 2nd September 2017.


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