Love Stuck | Review | 26th July 2017

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Love Stuck, The Cockpit London

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 26th of July 2017, Evening performance

★★★ 1/2

A show that really does emphasise the reality of university life. Bringing topics that are hidden away to the surface, showing that it is okay to speak out and ultimately be yourself.

The show follows the journey of three university students in their first year, both with their successes and problems. We meet Charlie, A theatre student struggling with who he really is, scared that if he tells anyone he will be rejected and alone. Charlie living in halls soon finds out his room-mate Jake is a complete nerd and lives in the fantasy world. Jake is scared to take the jump into reality and would rather be a Goblin than a real person. Finally they meet Lily, a loud and overconfident want to be photographer who seems to have no insecurities and pushes the line when possible.  As a trio they grow closer encouraging each other to take steps to become braver , facing hardship head-on with other people they meet along the way and ultimately doing the right thing when injustice has happened.

The show itself has been well done with a lot of thought into the staging and involvement of the audience. It was nice to see the actors not just using the stage but also using stairs towards the seating and boxes on the floor to stand on to create different levels during the performance. An interesting piece of set which I thought worked well was that curtain on stage, images and animations projected onto the curtain show different emotions or areas to us as an audience. This was a clever and imaginative way to enhance the set visually. Another thing that I commend is having an onstage band, sometimes this set up can over power the actors but in this case it worked well.

The actors overall had a sense of the characters, having a good understanding and emotion behind them throughout the show. As well as this the costumes work to their advantage especially with Lily,  having her first dressing in a very loud manner to grab people’s attention and then in the second act having her dress more conservatively to show a change in her attitude and behaviour.

Although the show has many good points, I do query if it needed a little bit more time cleanup some technical issues that did affect the performance overall. This mainly concerns the microphones, on some characters they were fine and you could hear everything they were saying. In contrast others were muffled or inaudible making it hard to follow the story line at some points.

Overall I would say it’s a good show to see at The Cockpit and does show some promising work.

Love Stuck will be playing at The Cockpit Theatre until the 30th July 2017

Tickets can be purchased here –

Photo Credit : Dylan Kulmayer

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