Interview with Kerry Ellis | Singer and Actress| Currently In Wonderland UK Tour

Kerry Ellis is an actress and singer mainly in the musical theatre area but has also branched into music working on many projects including her own albums and collaborating with other stars such as Brian May.

Kerry kindly agreed to do an interview with us to talk to us about her current involvement in Wonderland and also what it is like being a Musical Theatre sensation.

You can follow Kerry on twitter at : @kerryjaneellis1


How are you finding the tour so far?

It is good. We are kinda on the home stretch now, so the guys have got 5 weeks left and I have got this week and Bournemouth left and this one is nice because it is kind of home for me as I am from Hitchin. I have played in Milton Keynes before as well with Miss Saigon years ago so its nice to come back here. It’s nice to be back with a show and the stage door is nice here as well as it is all new. It’s all fun.

Does it take you long to prepare for a new role as some of you’re roles can be very different?

Yeh I think with a new show I think that it is nice to go into different roles and put your flare on them. Especially with having new casts in each show it is challenging but worth it and very enjoyable.

What is you favourite song and scene in the show?

I like ‘Together’ as everyone is on stage apart from Wendy who has her own number. She comes on and steals the show then goes away which makes us really laugh. But ‘Together’ is fun because we are all on together and its dance and singing and it’s just fun. It makes me not think about belting out big songs. So I enjoy that!

How are you finding touring life compared to being in a West end Show?

I havent toured like this in a long, long time. I do concert tours and solo tours where its one night or a shorter time, so I havent been out on a big tour like this for a long time. It has its bonuses with going to different places, I normally don’t spend a long time in a city meaning I get to know the cities a bit better which is nice. It is hard to be away from my family as I have little boys, so juggling that can be crazy but I havent dont the entire tour I have shared it with Rachel Wooding who has a little girl which has been nice. Your normally in a show and a team so it has been hard having different people in, but it has been nice.

Do you have an rituals you have before you go on stage?

Not really, we do things together. So we all do a warm up together which is nice because it’s a bit of fitness, its active and it gets the company together. We basically jump around for 15 minutes and then do a vocal warm up. Especially on a tour its nice because the whole company is there and you don’t always see everyone but you do there. I try not to be obsessive with things, it’s so easy to fall into a routine when you do the same thing every day. I try not too because I know how it can affect you, it can play tricks with you so I try to keep it different every day.

What would be your dream role in a show?

I have done quite a lot already. For me now it’s about new material, I find it interesting to create and to do something first and bring something of you to do it. You also get to be around the creators which is also interesting for me. There is a tone of stuff I would like to do but I am to young for it at the moment so I would love to do that in the future. I always like different challenges so im juggling many things at once so it keeps you active.

Do you prefer Broadway or the West end?

Well the west end is my home and I know it very well, so obviously I love working in the west end it is great. I have been very fortunate to do a lot of shows, but Broadway was a childhood dream and it kinda happened and took me by surprise. I would love to go back and do something and I have a lot of friends over there so they are both great.

If you could say anything to tell people more about this show what would you say?

I would say from what we have already, at the end of the show everybody is always clapping along and cheering or tapping their feet. They go out smiling and I think that is what people get from the show. It is a good night out, it doesn’t take itself to seriously and its got amazing songs in it and its nuts.  It nice to take a show that isn’t well know and make people know the songs in their head and bring it out a bit more into the public.

What three words would use to describe Wonderland?

Oh wow, okay. Its bonkers, its loveable and its fun.

Is there anyone you would like to work with again in general?

Yes, there are loads. I have had some really good co-stars over the years, I have had really range too. I have worked with some amazing people and these guys on the show is great because they are not going home so you get to know them more and on tour especially it is more collaborative with the band and backstage which is different from the West end. We are like a massive dysfunctional family and its great.

Finally if you could see anything in the West end right now what would you see?

There is so much! I want to see Harry Potter so much, also Dreamgirls I havent seen, a friend of in has just opened in Mamma Mia so I need to go back and see that. I havent seen Wicked in forever and also something about Jamie. There is so much amazing things to see.

Thank you so much Kerry Ellis for doing an interview with us and we wish you luck on the rest of the tour with Wonderland



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