Wonderland |Review| 17th July 2017


Wonderland Musical, Milton Keynes Theatre

Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 17th of July 2017, Evening Performance


A bright and fun musical filled with mystery and excitement throughout. A true classic with a few modern twists and a lot more jam tarts, A great night out to fall down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

Wonderland, a musical adaptation of books by Gregory Boyd and Jack Murphy takes us into the life of a grown up Alice and her daughter Ellie. Alice at the beginning is obsessed with her past life, forgetting to focus on moving forward causing daughter Ellie to pick up the pieces and grow up quicker. After Alice gets fired from work and everything that could go wrong does go wrong a rabbit appears. Ellie ends up chasing after the rabbit who takes her down into Wonderland meaning that Alice and Jack, her neighbour have to go and save her. This is where the craziness of Wonderland begins.

The show itself was upbeat and fun right from the start and this really grabbed the attention of the audience. From the music to the individual characters this show is full of different genres that can appeal to anyone in the audience making it a truly family friendly musical to see this summer. The cast themselves are one of the strongest vocally that I have seen on a tour producing a sound that makes your jaw drop to the floor with the sound that is produced. One part I thought that worked really well as the caterpillars number with the dancers holding his tail to make it look like his legs. I thought this was one of the best costumes I saw of the night, a lot of thought had been put behind each character and it does come across.

In contrast sometimes I did feel that sometimes some of the numbers were a bit too clustered and busy, ultimately taking away from the effect wanting to be achieved. This would appeal to children as you could look anywhere and something exciting and eye-catching would be there.

Kerry Ellis who plays Alice is perfect in the role and really takes us through the journey of Alice changing and finding herself again in Wonderland. A fantastic performer and a stunning vocalist with beautiful ballads. Natalie McQueen who plays Mad Hatter is fantastic for the role really focusing on the Hatter quick comedic wit, yet completely bonkers personality. Natalie also has some fantastic solos which are sung perfectly and with attitude

A real trip down the rabbit hole into the mad world of Wonderland. A family friendly musical for all to love and remember.

Wonderland will be playing at Milton Keynes theatre until the 22nd of July 2017

Tickets can be purchased here – http://www.atgtickets.com/shows/wonderland/milton-keynes-theatre/

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