Jane Eyre | Review | 12th July 2017

Jane Eyre , Milton Keynes Theatre
Reviewed by Becky Mary on the 12th of July 2017, Matinee performance

Chilling and brilliant masterpiece full of wonder and emotion. A truly fantastical haunting piece of theatre with outstanding actors. A must see production.

Jane Eyre, a book by Charlotte Brontë is about an orphan child taken in by her uncle to become a part of their family. This is proves harder than expected and her aunt who treats her harshly sends her off to school to get an education, but they are strict and unruly Jane finds this hard. Eventually on Jane’s journey into adult life we see her fight for her freedom despite of situations like poverty, betrayal and danger.

From the first moment when the actors come on stage they capture your attention. Taking you on this roller coaster journey through the different parts of Jane’s life sparking emotions that are aided by the music created on stage, especially with some of the vocal lines. The effect of this gives you a haunting effect that makes you feel somewhat uneasy and on the edge of your seat wanting to know what is coming next.  The actors are on a whole other level than I have ever had the pleasure of seeing before. Every person purely dedicated to each role, most of the actors having several roles within this production. This is also nice as an audience member, making it quite close and intimate with us as we are not overcrowded with cast to learn. One part I really enjoyed was one actor playing the family dog, he ran around the stage and knew pretty much how dogs can be a bit mental.

The set is one of the most complex set that I have ever seen, but saying this every part of it was used to aid the production. It has clearly taken a lot of time to put together the set so you get the effect of different areas within such a small space. I really commend the directors and company for creating a set that is different and unique.  I really did like that the actors used the bodies for recreating certain objects for example the horse coaches and fires.

Nadia Clifford who plays Jane Eyre is a fantastic actor who seamlessly takes you through the production drawing you in from the first moment Nadia comes on stage. Another actor I have to mention is Paul Mundell who too his roles to the max and broke the barriers of being comfortable on stage and performed a faultless show.

Jane Eyre will be finishing at Milton Keynes on the 16th July 2017 and moving onto its final stop in Brighton.

Tickets can be purchased here – http://www.atgtickets.com/shows/jane-eyre-2017/


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