Wonderland Review |UK Tour| 4th April 2017

 Story Line

Alice is all grown up with a kid and recently divorced but struggles to cope with life as it was an abusive marriage. She has to forget her old ways and become old Alice she was. As she follows Ellie into Wonderland, she soon finds that she has to help the people stuck in Wonderland too. With the queen of hearts going mad, And the mad hatter even worse will Alice become her old self?

 Review of Show

I was sceptical about going to see the show, There have been many different reviews and also I didn’t have a clue what it was about. I was pleasantly surprised! All the different elements such as the set, actors and music were fun filled and magical. Although there were big names in the production, I couldn’t help but feel that other actors stood out more!

 It goes without saying bye have to mention Natalie McQueen who plays the role of mad Hatter. The only other production i had seen Natalie in was Murder Balled at the Arts Theatre in London. But while she blew my mind her singing was amazing and honestly I thought she was the star of the show. She knew how to play her character with the wickedness behind the mad Hatter after she went through the looking glass but then having the nerdy side the mad hatter before. Natalie’s voice was strong and powerful and when she actually did her song ‘Mad hatter’ She hit it hard and it was amazing and unforgettable.

 Another person I’d like to mention is the actressy paid Ellie, She was incredibly funny and you knew her way around the character, At first being timid and shy then going on to becoming A stroppy teenager.

The singing of overall was very strong from all of the cast members And onstage they worked together very well. You can tell that each person’s character they had researched and looked up on before and this work very well as an audience member looking at.

 I am seeing this musical again and hoping that when I do see It will be even better than it was. I think that partially because I saw it when it was on the start of its run It still had some bits that needed working out But they didn’t affect the production overall and I really would recommend you going see it!

 As well as this it had a very good reception for younger children. So if you have younger children it would be great show for them. It has all their Disney characters you can think of in the play which they can easily pick out. This show is very family friendly.

Review of Music

 The music was fantastic it was edgy and new and it gets stuck in you head trust me i was singing it for weeks after. The pit band was incredible, They were strong and work together really well. The only problem was is there that particular day the pit band were louder than the microphones Which then made it quite hard to hear the actors singing, But that was more of a technical problem. I think that this pit band is one of the strongest pit bands I’ve seen on tour And I really commend that. It’s not easy to play in a pit band and always have that cohesive feel.

 Review of Set and Lighting

The settlement lighting was unique and fantastic, The way the set moved and also the way that the set was minimalistic almost It worked perfectly. There were some numbers I did think that they could’ve been a little bit more set just help the actors little bit more, But I think my favourite piece of set was the Mad Hatter’s factory which Natalie use to her advantage completely! The lighting is well worked really well with the set and gave you that wonderland style feeling, Almost like you were going crazy and I love that. I think the set and lighting was really well thought out overall and was put together well.

I also have to mention the costuming! Wow, You could see that time had been put into each Individual costume. They worked so well with each character and every little part had been thought about. Four example on the caterpillars tail there was handles for is dancers, Which was nice to see that they had made it so it was easy to move.

  View of Stage:

Copyright: Rebecca Facey


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