Wicked Review|Apollo Victoria|23rd March 2017

Story Line

We all know the story of Glinda the good and how she helped Dorothy through Oz, but do we now the truth about the so called wicked witch of the west. We follow the story of young Elphaba and how Oz really was and why she became Wicked through her childhood, school and even through hidden  love. Will all the secrets be reviled in the end?

Review of Show

When you first walk in you can see the atmosphere is magical, you see the stage which has this map with a glowing green light right in the middle where The emerald city is and right from there you know your in for an amazing emotional and magical trip.

At the start you get this intense music that soon leads into the chorus members and Glinda’s entrance. The chorus were very strong vocally but also individually within there own characters. In solo lines they projected and made sure they were seen which was good if you are in seats slightly further back or to the side you can still see them.

The chorus throughout the whole show were always in character even in small scenes they were faultless and knew where they needed to be and how to change if something happened on stage, I commend them for this because some people panic and just loose character and this was maintain throughout.

Glinda was an understudy for this performance and sadly I lost my insert that told me who it was but the actress was fantastic. She was giggly and crazy like typical Glinda but at the same time she grew as a character showing that she wasn’t just an air head like people thought. Glinda helped her friend and although she didn’t know the truth about Elphaba at the end she did was right and stood up to the people who were breaking the rules. The actress was very talented as a singer with such a bright and operatic voice

I had the pleasure of also seeing Willemijn Verkaik as Elphaba as I have only ever seen Rachel Tucker, her performance of the role was one of the best I have personally seen. Willemijn as an actress takes you through each emotion Elphaba feels such as the anger at the wizard, the frustration with other and the sense of her opening up to Glinda the further into the show you get. By the end you know the true Elphaba and you cannot do anything but feel sympathy for her choices and her life and how she only wants to good in Oz.

Willemijn Verkaik as a singer is phenomenal. She has so many different textures to her voice being able to belt but to then do quite passages as well.

After the show I was at stage door and had the pleasure of meeting Willemijn and she was lovely taking the time to take pictures and sign programs an more so if you have the time I would recommend you do.

Overall the show has not lost its magic since the first time I saw it when I was about 14 and I am 22 now. It is a beautiful production that I hope will be here in years to come.

Review of Music 

The music in this show is one of the most diverse scores I have ever had the pleasure of listening too. It has many different styles of song you have the massive balled solo songs like “No good Deed” compared to the light hearted numbers like “Dancing through life”. The orchestra has some of the most complex musical writing I have seen in a show as well as these beautiful melody lines intertwined through these.

The music I think is key in this production as it aids the emotions needing to be portrayed by the cast as it adds that extra magic.

Review of Set and Lighting

The set and lighting is some of the most complex on the West end. You have all the set by the side of the stage that all works like a clock with various mechanical pieces that turn when certain bits of the set moves. You also have the giant dragon at the top of the stage that moves and breathes smoke. This is very cleverly designed and is actually moved by hand by the ropes to either side but this makes it so much more exciting and unique.

As well as this I think one of the most impressive effects that Wicked does is when Elphaba fly’s up into the air and her cape spreads across the stage and you can see the cast run to the front.

I think Wicked has one of those sets that you need to go and see it to see how amazing it is and how complex it is.

View from stage :

 Copyright: Rebecca Facey


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