School Of Rock Review |New London Theatre|23rd March 2017

Story Line

Dewey Finn, a rock enthusiast  has a falling out with his fellow band members and ends up being kicked out of the band and replaced. With no job and no money he lives off former band member, now a teacher and friend Ned Schneebly but Ned’s partner wants him gone. In a desperate act he pretends to be so called substitute Mr Schneebly at Horace Green Elementary where he ends up inspiring his class to break out of the structured school life and become the band School Of Rock.

 Review of Show

This show was fun and upbeat with a true meaning to it. The main lesson showing the impact of something as simple a music has on children. Making each one grow in their own way such as confidence, being individual and taking risks.

I was very lucky to see the new cast of children when I went to see School of Rock and what can I say the were all ‘Rockin!’. They were all extremely talented as all the kids play the instruments you see on stage which is crazy when I am a trained musician and could not play to that standard now. The Children were also full of energy and knew their roles down to the last detail and i can say that its defiantly the strongest group of child actors and actresses I have seen on the West End.

As well as this the current adult casting are just as strong all having their individual perks they bring to their character.

David Fynn the actor who plays Dewey Finn stood out for me as being a replica of Jack Black but with a much better singing  voice. He was crazy, showed growth in his character and comedy that portrayed the Dewey Finn we know from the original movie.

Overall the show was full of energy and great for anyone wanting to go!

 Review of Music 

The music itself is wrote by the world famous Andrew Lloyd Webber who has wrote musicals such as Cats , Starlight Express and Phantom of the Opera. Unlike his other musicals School of Rock is very different with a very different style of music but also has the children and adults playing the instruments on stage live at every performance.

This is something that is not done a lot but I think it is something that especially in this show will encourage younger theatre goers to pick up instruments and play which when there is not enough promoting of music education I commend the School of Rock cast and creatives.

 Review of Set and Lighting

The set and the lighting was well thought out and the use of the turning circle on the stage works well in the scenes where you see the backstage of the concert, the school and the different children telling each of their stories. The sets were not over the top and worked well being simple and very open in style.  I think the set has been well thought out and does not over complicate or takes attention away from the show.

View from stage :

 Copyright: Rebecca Facey


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