The Play That Goes Wrong |UK Tour| 13th March 2017


Story Line

We meet the cast of The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society as they put on a murder mystery play, but during the show everything that can go wrong does. From set falling down to knocking other actors out will they make it to the end of the show in one piece?

 Review of Show 

This show is utterly the most hilarious thing I have ever had the pleasure to watch. From the moment you sit in the seat you have the cast fumbling around on stage and interacting with the audience. I think from there on I knew what I was in for.

The actors not once broke from there character and were very convincing in each of the roles not giving us the idea that they knew what was going to happen next.  As well as this I really commend them for the work on parts including sound effects such as hitting heads on scenery etc it was realistic and the timing was on point every time.

Another thing I found clever was that they did not make the things that were going wrong obvious to the audience that it was coming next. They managed to keep us in suspense the whole way through.

I would honestly say that I was nearly peeing myself with laughter all the way through there was never a dull moment and not once did I stop laughing.

The other person I went with had seen this on the Westend and said that it was just as funny and that the actors were just as good.

You can tell that the show was a big hit as on every night at the theatre it was a sold out performance and always had good comments during not just the interval but at the end as well.

Well Done to the whole cast.

 Review of Set Design and Lighting

The Design and set was not overly complicated but worked well as it had several parts that as the show went on fell apart or broke. The set clearly has had a lot of technical input put into it to make the things that go wrong not just safe but realistic and able to happen.

The set was one of the most impressive sets to see fall apart around the actors and the alternatives that they have to use is equally well thought out.

The lighting used is very simple but this show does not need much lighting as it is more focused on the set and the actors rather than effects of lighting on the stage.

View from seat

Copyright: Rebecca Facey


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