Rent the Musical |UK Tour| 10th March 2017


Story Line
Rent follows a group of Artists that are living in the highs of the Bohemian era in a a busy New York city.  We follow each one on why he is there today and follow the low of the problems that come along with the Bohemian movement.

Review of Show
Where do I start! This production is thrilling, fast paced, heart breaking and moving.  The actors really make you get the full feeling of living in the harsh times where nearly everyone suffers from AIDS or is on the street and how the higher forces are pulling them down. The actors including names such as Billy Cullum, Layton Williams and Philippa Stefani all commit fully to the role and have really researched the story line extensively and the behaviours of each individual character.
The show is full of upbeat movement and dancing as well as clever uses of the stage to help with the overall look of the show.
The pit band worked well being in the stage and it was nice to see them incorporated into the set rather than hidden meaning we got the full feel of the music and the use of them also as a prop in some respects.
The singing was some of the best I have seen. The ensemble was extremely talented and blended well with the main roles and created a beautiful sound. The soloists in the song ‘Seasons of Love’ were heart wrenching, powerful, talented and full of emotion.
I can see that the company has really worked hard on this production and this plays out in this show. I commend the Director for this and his work to gain this connection with the audience.
This tour of Rent is the best one so far and it is selling out in nearly every venue and I hope that it could soon move to the Westend permanently as it is a must see for any theatre gooer.

Review of Set Design and Lighting
The Set is one of the most complex sets that I have ever seen in theatre but works with this production.  A lot of the set is bars and level platforms allowing the actors to climb and swing off of them to add height and excitement into the performance but creates a new way of moving around the stage.
A unique thing about the crew they move most of the set and you can see them on stage, but it does not effect the performance in anyway.
The lighting is also very cleverly done in the performance of the show. We see that there is a lot of light up signs to show the different rooms/area that they actors are meant to be in. I think these add to the set because they are not too extravagant and are subtle.
A key scene that the lighting has clearly been thought out well was when angel is in the hospital dying. There is a light at the top of the stage that resembles a heart beat which adds to the overall tension that is built up over that time.
I think that out of all the shows this production of rent the backstage crew and lighting crew have really thought outside of the box and it works !


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