Half a Sixpence Review| Noël Coward Theatre | 7th March 2017

Story Line 
The story line of Half a sixpence follows the path of two childhood friends that we see at the beginning named Arthur and Ann. Arthur who is a orphan is sent to work leaving Ann behind and after working for many years he finds that he has been left a inheritance by a family member that makes him a proper gentleman. He soon finds out though that money is not everything and cannot buy love.

Review of Show
The show overall was thrilling, upbeat and a feel good musical. The casting of the show is outstanding with special attention to Actor Charlie Stemp who plays Arthur Kips. Charlie has an upbeat and joyful vibe along with an incredible amount of energy that he brings into the personality of his character.
The vocals and the rest of the cast are extremely talented each playing a key role in keeping the story line going. They are very convincing and well played to each of their roles.
The Director of this show clearly had a key goal to create that exciting and funny story line to us and personally I think he has nailed this and has created a masterpiece bringing an old show into the current Westend with a new lick of paint and it has worked tremendously.

Review of Set
The Set of this show was very impressive with many complex scenes but also some simple ones too. The use of props throughout the show is cleverly done to not over complicate certain numbers but to add to the effect of the number and the overall story.

Half a Sixpence it a masterpiece of perfect theatre with high energy dance numbers, love and sadness with a happy ending. I would see this show many times over and really congratulate the whole cast and productive people and wish them all the best in keeping this outstanding show in the Westend for years to come.

view of stage:


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