Ghost the Musical Review | UK tour | 1st March 2017

Story Line
The Story line of Ghost is about a couple Molly and Sam. Sam works at a Bank and Molly is a artist (pottery). Sam’s Job involves moving big amounts of money from different accounts and he does this with friend and fellow worker Carl.
Carl although friends with Sam needs the money to pay of drug dealers so he hires a man to steal the codes for the accounts that only Sam has but instead of just stealing his wallet he ends up killing Sam. We follow Carl, Molly and Sam who is now a Ghost as he tries to tell Molly what really happened to him when he finds out the real details of his death and that he his still there with her. He goes out and find Oda Mae Brown a psychic to help him to convince Molly of this.

Review of The Show
I was sceptical to see the show after all the bad press that Sarah Harding had given to the show but I thought that I had to give it a new chance.
From the minute the show started I knew that they had worked on the show as a whole as even the musicians did not sound as bad as before. The actors where better matches for each other you could really see the empathy and the true emotions of all the actors.
The strong singers that I think overall helped the show were Actress Carolyn Maitland as Molly giving us very strong vocals with depth to the roll overall and also Jacqui Dubois as Oda Mae who is an exceptional Singer and a comedic yet serious actor.

The effects that are in the show had been worked on and were very clever such as having sam die and then another body appearing this was done smoothly and with ease and you did not even notice the change. The effects have improved very much.

The ensemble as one of the strongest touring ensembles I have seen they all know what they are doing and all are full of energy and dedication to the show with very strong vocals.

Overall I would recommend this show! I know that people are sceptical because of bad press but I applaud the new cast for turning this around and creating a very good touring show.
My Visit was at New Victoria Woking Theatre and I paid £21 for my Ticket but I was moved to the stalls.

View of the Stage:


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