42nd Street Review (previews) |Theatre Royal, Dury Lane|21st March 2017


Story Line

We follow a group of young actors and actresses in there fight to get work in the heights of broadway shows and musicals. We see a new show come along written to try and create jobs and money for the fellow company and everyone auditions for it including new comer Peggy who has her head stuck in the clouds of being on the stage. Her spark and talent shines brightly over her and she finally saves the day when her clumsiness causes the show to temporarily be stopped.

Review of Show

I was sceptical about going to see 42nd street at first. I knew it was a very old fashioned style show with lots of big dance numbers which you do not often see in the Westend at current but as always I go in with an open mind.

Boy was my initial thoughts of it being old fashioned were blown out of the water for sure.!

This show has a very big cast and each individual is incredibly animated and talented and this was just from the first big dance number. You can see a real understanding of the emotions and faces they should be perceiving at one time. In a cast of what I could easily say 30 + dancers not one person was slacking or struggling to keep up with the routines in anyway every held there own and that is very commendable.

The Acting overall never once lacked each person you could look at and the remained in character even if they were right at the back of the stage or were just in groups of people talking. As well as this even when certain elements went wrong such as dresses getting caught together or even a lightbulb coming off the stage actors stayed fully in character and even dealt with the problems without a notice to the audience.

 The main role of Peggy Sawyer played by Actress Clare Halse is a bright and fresh performer. To the role she brings the innocence of Peggy but also the comedic side further into the story. Her voice is well suited for the role with stunning range and power behind it especially when after dancing a full tap routine. Her tapping is phenomenal with clean and crisp taps to each move and giving the overall effortless look to it.

 As well as this the role of Dorothy Brock played by Actress Sheena Easton is convincing performer with a mature and lightly operatic voice which works exceptionally with role she plays. Sheena also brings her own presence to the stage which you can feel the moment she walks onto the stage and this works seamlessly with her character.

Overall the show is fantastic and a must see. You will leave with a grin on your face and wanting to sign up for tap lessons right there and then.

 Review of Music

The music in this musical is fun and upbeat and as a musician its got a very big pit band which is nice to see. The music was played exceptionally and you could tell the conductor was very professional but also had fun. What was really nice to see with the pit band was that at the beginning the conductor is lifted on a platform so everyone can see and it was one of the best things to see that the production appreciates that he has such a big job.

Review of Set and Lighting

 The set and lighting of 42nd street it complex but works well with the overall image of the show. Various elements such as the having a screen that works both as a curtain but also being able to see through it when light gives the a new element to the show that I have not seen before.  The use of props was impressive and unique. You can see that it has been worked on down to the last thing.

One of the best parts of the set is in a dance number a mirror comes down so you can see patterns on the floor that the dancers make and that is just amazing to watch.

I wish well to all the cast and congratulate them on being part of such an amazing show.

View from stage:

Stage Curtain

Copyright: Rebecca Facey


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